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Each of these professional audio engineers and/or music producers are attending or have graduated the Recording Connection Audio Institute where they have learned their craft under the mentoring of world famous, professional audio engineers or music producers.

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Latest Blog Entries from Recording Connection Students

Nicholas Casas

Chapter 5 NotesPosted by Nicholas Casas on 2017-11-22

Chapter 5 Notes The sound of a microphone is illustrated by its frequency response curve. The frequency response defines the range of a sound a mic can reproduce & how sensitive that mic is within that range... Read More >>

Anthony Ellis

3rdPosted by Anthony Ellis on 2017-11-21

Revisited chrismas album song doubled up some of the vocals on a diffrent track Used Distressor compressor pre amp and a mic preamp for the vocals (vintech audio) Made some recording adjustments as far as distance to mic when singing (2 inches closer)... Read More >>

Anthony Ellis

First SessionPosted by Anthony Ellis on 2017-11-21

During this session a singer named lexia came to the studio to record two songs. Both songs were vocal and guitar. One song was using electric guitar and the other song was using acoustic... Read More >>