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This is the official Recording Connection Student and Graduate Website where tomorrow's best audio engineers and music producers may be found.

Each of these professional audio engineers and/or music producers are attending or have graduated the Recording Connection Audio Institute where they have learned their craft under the mentoring of world famous, professional audio engineers or music producers.

We invite you to visit their websites if you are in the need of a professional audio engineer or music producer, or if you want to discover first-hand the benefits of attending the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Los Angeles, or the city where you live. You should also check out their websites if you are interested in fresh, new music talent.

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Latest Blog Entries from Recording Connection Students

Quinn Brenneman

First WeekPosted by Quinn Brenneman on 2017-05-26

This week was very laid back which was nice as it gave me an opportunity to connect with Josef and George. Josef is currently working on a project for a band called Chef Goldblum, which is a fantastic name, and we worked on mastering a few tracks using an outboard Dangerous Compressor... Read More >>