The largest city in the Texas "panhandle" region, Amarillo, TX anchors a metro population of over 230,000 people. In addition to being known as an economic hub for the area, Amarillo has a rich heritage in the cowboy culture, drawing thousands of people each September for the Tri-State Fair and Rodeo. As such, country music is a huge part of Amarillo's legacy, having spawned such talent as rockabilly legend Buddy Knox and songwriter Terry Stafford ("Amarillo By Morning"). The music scene in Amarillo today remains active, with bands and artists performing regularly in a number of genres.

On this page, you'll find a number of professional audio engineers and/or music producers featured, all of whom have the distinction of training in top-tier recording studios as students of the Recording Connection Audio Institute of Amarillo, TX. These talented individuals were all instructed and mentored one-on-one by some of the best industry professionals in the business today, and are uniquely qualified to handle any of your professional audio needs. Feel free to look at their websites to see what services they offer. If you'd like more information about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection Audio Institute, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Amarillo Recording Connection Students

Libby Belcher

week 9Posted by Libby Belcher on 2016-10-28

This week I recorded my first project using protools. It was a simple project but I did it on my own so it was good to see what I know and don't know how to do that way I can get help from my mentor... Read More >>

Libby Belcher

week 8Posted by Libby Belcher on 2016-10-28

This week my mentor has been letting me track voccals during sessions using protools. This has helped familiarize me with creating new projects, new tracks, and adjusting volumes and controls to get the best sound in the beginning stages of recording... Read More >>

Libby Belcher

Week 7Posted by Libby Belcher on 2016-09-30

This week I released my first song, it was written by me and produced by my mentor at Animal Kingdom. Recording this song helped me learn about all of the aspects of making a song from start to finish... Read More >>

Libby Belcher

Week 6Posted by Libby Belcher on 2016-09-30

This week my mentor showed me how to set up mics when preparing for a session with a band. This corresponded with the lesson this week since I learned about microphone placement... Read More >>

Libby Belcher

Week 5Posted by Libby Belcher on 2016-09-16

This week at Animal Kingdom my mentor showed me how to set up the mic for a recording sesson for a rapper. He showed me how to turn on, adjust the height, and volume of the microphone when preparing for a recording session... Read More >>