Question: What do Usher, The Black Crowes, Cee-Lo Green, Sevendust, Kenny Rogers, Third Day, Keri Hilson, Outkast, Zac Brown Band and Sugarland all have in common?
Answer: They all got their start in, or are currently part of, the Atlanta, Georgia music scene.

With genres ranging from country to R&B/hip-hop, Atlanta's music community is large and diverse, playing a major role in the American music industry in general. Besides housing offices for record labels such as Arista Records, LaFace Records, Daemon Records and others, Atlanta is the home of numerous world-class recording studios.

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Checking in with Students in Atlanta, GA

While we don't want to interfere with the true artist you are trying to become it's best our members come to understand that much of what you're thinking and feeling, as a member of our program, is shared by countless others across the country. The more we can share the trials and tribulations our students encounter the more we hope to have you overcome them in your own way. That’s why it's best to share some of the experiences our other members are having each and every day, just like you.

"Mic placement, especially on the drums was something I'm glad to have mastered. Cortez (my mentor) would come and tell me, "Alright, you got to come put it right here" and then explain why and how to get the best sound. Sometimes we overlook that and its like, "Okay, just put the mic somewhere close" and we would never really know what was working in specific areas. When you want to get the best sounds, which is one of the most important thing, you have to follow certain techniques. That's what it's really about, Cortez my mentor said if you want to get the best sound you have to get the best instruments, the best recording techniques, the best everything and there you have it. Sometimes people will make really good records but they don't have good instruments or misplaced the mix, they're just mixing in their bedroom or a hallway where the area is not good. I just learned you have to have the best of everything they get the best sound."

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