Not only is Austin the state capital of Texas, but it also carries the unofficial title ÒLive Music Capital of the World. For many years, Austin has nurtured a vibrant music scene, having the most venues per capita of any U.S. city. Austin serves as home to the long-running music show Austin City Limits, as well as the annual South by Southwest (SXSW), perhaps the most popular indie music festival in the world. Many notable musicians and bands have had ties to Austin, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Janis Joplin, Jerry Jeff Walker, Ghostland Observatory, Ciara, Chris Tomlin, and Nelly, among others.

The individuals you'll find here on this page are audio engineers and/or music producers who have been trained by the music industry professionals of the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Austin, TX, learning the ins and outs of the recording industry by working in Austin's world-class recording studios. Feel free to check out the individual websites of these highly-qualified professionals if you need professional audio services, or to discover more about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Austin. For more information on the Recording Connection Audio Institute, click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Austin Recording Connection Students

Kris Wells

March 3 2017Posted by Kris Wells on 2017-03-05

Did lessons 3 (Basic Electronic), 4 (Digital Audio), 5 (ProTools), and 6 (Connectivity). The ProTools lesson had nothing to do with live sound, but I did it anyway... Read More >>