Buck Owens. Merle Haggard. David Benoit. Korn. What do these diverse acts have in common? They all have their roots in Bakersfield, California.

Located in the San Joaquin Valley about 100 miles from Los Angeles, Bakersfield is known for more than just its agriculture and oil; it is also the birthplace of the famous 'Bakersfield Sound,' the town's own brand of country music that gained popularity starting in the late 1950's, and which has kept Bakersfield on the map as a country music hub ever since. Not limited to country, Bakersfield's music scene today encompasses multiple genres, including rock, punk, hip-hop and even jazz.

This page features professional audio engineers and/or music producers who have received top-shelf training at the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Bakersfield, CA. Each of these qualified individuals has received personalized mentoring by some of the best producers and engineers in the business, learning the ropes in some of Bakersfield's world-class recording studios. If you require professional audio services, or if you'd like to know more about attending the Recording Connection yourself, you can't go wrong by checking out the individual websites of these producers and engineers. For more information on the Recording Connection Audio Institute, click here.

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