Since 1998, Boise State University in Boise, Idaho has been hosting the annual Gene Harris Jazz Festival, a 2-day event designed to enrich the community and promote the city's jazz music heritage. Today, it draws hundreds of students and notable jazz greats together to educate and to inspire--and of course, to play some amazing jazz in multiple venues around town.

Jazz is not the only style of music to be heard in Boise's active music scene; pop, rock, alternative and punk bands can also be heard playing in smaller venues like Liquid Lounge and Neurolux, while touring acts stop in to perform at the larger Knitting Factory.

The individuals you see featured here are professional audio engineers and music producers who have learned from the best in real Boise recording studios, as students of the Recording Connection Audio Institute. If you are interested in knowing more about the Recording Connection and its benefits, or if you have need of high quality audio recording services yourself, you can't go wrong by consulting the individual websites of these producers and engineers.

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Latest Blog Entries from Boise Recording Connection Students


chapter 5Posted by Marisanne on 2014-05-24

SO this one was a fun chapter! I loved the history on everything. Understanding where the mics comes from, how each different one works, how the react wuth each other, and which ones are go for different sets will help you understand how and what you client will need in every session... Read More >>

Michael Conover

Chapter 3Posted by Michael Conover on 2014-01-25

Today I had the lesson in Digital Audio drilled into my head. I walked away from my class time today truly knowing that higher resolution= higher sample rate and that bit depth=dynamic range... Read More >>

Michael Conover

Expansive LearningPosted by Michael Conover on 2014-01-17

Whether it be reading online text at home or physically being in the studio, Jimmy has me all over the place filling up my computer with different mics, compressors, hardware/plugins and all of the theory behind it all... Read More >>