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chapter 6 Posted on 2015-05-03 by Dustin Winslow

i will admit this was the hardest chapter i have so far encountered. i got my set up for pro tools, i thought i had more time to find a laptop. Unfortunately I am now in need of a new computer, right after i had just gotten a new car which has been in the shop pretty much since I've had it. I'm hoping to get my laptop this week after i get my check. I hate only being able to go up to the studio once a week, but with working full time and the studio being an hour away, it's very difficult to find time to go up there. This past Wednesday I went up with a very great attitude, knowing Tom would be happy with my A. I came in to see the main producer and my instructor Tom. Along with another intern through Westminster university, Billy, he is also looking into musical engineering. So I sat down at the main board in studio A, we talked about the last session i had been at. The rapper was pretty sucky in my opinion, it took at least 30 minutes to do 2 lines in one verse, also he came with no written lyrics and brought a "posse" with him. His group went to the back with the producer and listened to his instrumentals and finally after they got a little drunk. i went into the producers room and found them circled around a table and freestyling to his beats. It was really cool, i had never seen a group freestyle before since i live in a small country town. I went back and sat with Tom and listened to the rapper, Ray G, try and work out his 2nd verse. All of his friends came back into the recording room and the drunkest of them all, LJ, proceeds to interrupt the session so he can ask Tom if he can record tonight too. Tom kind of blew it off because of how plastered he was; but he kept his composure and got back to work. Before I got up to leave LJ gave me Ray G's mixtape, A Case of Swishers, for free, and told me I was one chill guy, and to keep working hard. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it up there this week due to the fact i have just moved out and my car is in the shop still. But I'm learning so much and enjoying learning everything. I might have found a band to bring up to the studio to record, the head intern here at Phat Buddha said if i bring in bands and musicians who want professional recording done that i am way more likely to get more studio time and become a true intern. 

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