Latest Blog Entries from Calgary Recording Connection Students

Yan Luo

First weekPosted by Yan Luo on 2017-09-07

It is nice to work with Grant. We have the smae taste of the music and I enjoing learning in his Studio. We are moiving on to EQ next week... Read More >>

Justin Becker

Week 6!Posted by Justin Becker on 2017-05-07

Today was week 6 and holy shit it was a lot of stuff to take in! We started class talking about the way to mic up a live studio and how to mic up a drum kit, also learning about the different types of mics and how to determine on which mic to use in each recording setting, learning about the different types of mics was something I was waiting to learn about for the main reason to know what mic is going to be the best for my recording situations and encounters... Read More >>