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Lesson 12 Posted on 2014-04-07 by Gerry Leibnitz

What I learned this week is setting the right levels and panning. I never new panning a certain way would give the listener that stereo wide sound. I mean I knew of it but didnt think you really had to do it. So I brought in a session and asked Joe for his advice and told me basically you wanna pan how the drummer sees the drums but keep the snare and kick centered. So that was pretty cool, and the levels I pretty much new already but doesnt hurt to revisit it again!

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Gerry Leibnitz

week 17!Posted by Gerry Leibnitz on 2014-05-11

What I learned this week was automation. I thought it was gonna be alot harder than it was butwasnt too bad. Ive always wanted to learn automation and Joe showed me, now im just waiting on some test dummies haha to practice on... Read More >>

Gerry Leibnitz

New weekPosted by Gerry Leibnitz on 2014-05-03

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