Sanfer Chaney IIIChicago Recording Connection

Major: Recording/Audio Engineering

Born in Columbus Ohio, Sanfer Chaney III always had a passion for music. Listening to pioneers such as Quincy Jones, Issac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, and other incredible musicians his hunger for producing music grew. By the age of 12, with the help of his cousin, he produced his first beat. Learning to play the piano from ear, he has created his own sound and own lane producing music. In August of 2013 he started his own Music Production company Soundz Illustrated. Now enrolled in the Recording Connection, with the aspiration for being an Audio Engineer, he will take his talents to the next level as being a Real Producer. In hopes to work with great talent within the Music Industry, as well as local talent, clients will recieve a very skilled and dedicated producer/engineer who puts is heart into everything he does.    

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