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Jason Purifie

Chapter 8Posted by Jason Purifie on 2016-05-24

So a Lot has happened since my last blog. I'll do a much better job moving forward. Any way where do i start. I finally got a copy of the new pro tools, got it installed and i'm ready to learn... Read More >>

Jason Purifie

2nd weekPosted by Jason Purifie on 2016-01-24

The Second Visit went very well, it made me happy to see Patrizio pleased with the work i had done. i was able to have  2hrs of observing him work with the engeneer on a project... Read More >>

Jason Purifie

MY 1st BlogPosted by Jason Purifie on 2016-01-23

OK in a matter of words i will try to contain my excitement.... Well I tried. I was super excited to walk into the Record Plant and begain working with my mentor Patrizio!!!! I learned SO MUCH in a matter of minutes watching how the professionals do it... Read More >>