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Chap 12: Mix theory Posted on 2017-07-16 by Kendra Campo

Review 1

1. Markers in Pro Tools allow the user to organize a session and easily navigate through sections of a song. True

2. File Management refers to: where the .ptx file is stored. Keeping all files associated with a Pro Tools session together. Where the audio files are stored.

3.A good rule of thumb in a mix situation is to set your self up for fluid creative function. True


Review 2

A(n) "effect" is anything you add to your signal path that changes the sonic characteristics of the audio signal.

- Getting a rough mix together can be done fairly quickly by adjusting the "effects" and the "automation" of your song

- Renaming busses in pro tools is possible through the "I/O" tab of the setup menu

  • Compression is “multiplicative"
  • Two general ways to use EQ are "Additive and subtractive"

Automation allows you to: Have a parameter or motorized control adjust itself in real-time while the song is playing. Adjust a LFO on a MIDI software synth in real-time while a song is playing. Adjust a digital send level in real-tome while song is playing. 

A mix engineer should always apply dither on the master fader: False

Mixing is a purely technical task involving no creative skills.  False 

Checking your mix in mono: Enables us to see potential problems that may occur if someone hears your song on the radio. Also can help examine potential phasing issues resulting from the left and right channels being mixed together. 

Bouncing takes the output of the master (analog or digital) and records it on one stereo track.  True

The master is:  The 1st copy of a song or album that all duplications are based off of.

Effects used in a mix can be ____________ during the mastering process, due to the compression chains used.   Magnified

Getting a rough mix together can be done fairly quickly by adjusting the _________ and the ________ of your song.   levels, panning

Compression is ____________.  Multiplicative

__________ is the Red Book CD Standard for sample rate and bit depth.   44.1 kHz, 16 Bit

How much headroom should you leave for the mastering engineer?  3-6 dB

Getting organized before diving into a mix:  Not important as having the perfect sounding kick drum. Also can help to stay focused during the mix process.

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