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Chap 14: Dynamic Signal Processing Posted on 2017-07-16 by Kendra Campo


The __________ was the first commercially available audio compressor in the late 1950s. "LA-1". 

___ was the inventor and designer of the LA-2A. Bill Putnam

Bill Putnam founded the following companies ____Studio Electronics Universal Audio, UREI, teletronix

Modern _____________ recording is a method of recording where signals are stored as a continual wave in or on the media, usually magnetic tape. Analog

In _____________ compression design the signal is split at the input, and one signal is used to compress the other slightly delayed split signal. Feed forward

_______________ compressors apply gain reduction based on the actions of a light source on a photosensitive cell. Optical

________ indicates that Vacuum tubes that vary with control voltage are utilized to compress a signal. Variable mu

In ________________ recording electrical signals are converted into binary data . Digital

___ is compression with a ratio of higher than 10 to 1. Limiting 

The ____________ is the parameter that determines the decibel level at which compression takes place. Threshold 

A compressor __________ dynamic range.  Reduces

An expander is the opposite of a ____. Compressor 

A ____________ only allows signals above a certain threshold to pass through.   Gate

__ determines how long it takes for compression to start once the threshold is breached. Attack 

A __________ knee indicates that no compression will take place until the threshold is reached. Hard

__ is used to amplify signals after they have been compressed to bring their overall level up. Makeup gain

___ indicates that a processor will be looking for an average level. RMS

_ determines the amount of time the gate will stay open after the signal falls below the threshold. Hold

A ____________ is a specialized type of dynamic processor used to eliminate sibilance. De-esser

__ is creative misuse of compression. Pumping 

In _____________ compression different frequency bands are compressed according to different compression settings. Multi band

_____ involves using an external signal other than the one processed to compressor. Side chaining 

When the output of one compressor is fed into the input of another compressor, they are said to be in ____ serial 

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