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Chap 15: Time Based Effects Posted on 2017-07-16 by Kendra Campo

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__ is a delay achieved by using an the heads on a magnetic recording device. Tape delay

__ is a delay achieved by routing the audio signal in a DAW to a dedicated delay software algorithm. Plugin based delay

_____ is used in conjunction with a DAW and allows signal processing to be done inside dedicated processors freeing up your computers resources for other tasks. DSP effects processor

__ is the amount of time that exists between the original sound source and the delayed copy of itself. Delay time

Natural reverberation consists of multiple delays happening in an environment simultaneously. True

A __________ reverb samples an acoustic space and allows the frequency response of that space to be recreated. Convolution reverb

A __________ reverb uses a piece of sheet metal with pickups and a speaker driver attached to it. Plate reverb 

A/An _____________ is a space designed to be reverberant in which a speaker playing an audio signal was “pumped” into it and a microphone was able to pick up the reverberated signal. This 100-% wet signal was then brought into the mix. Echo chamber

Delay, when applied to an audio signal, does what? Stores the audio signal, and plays it back at a given time interval 

Feedback is achieved by doing what? Feeding the delayed signal back into the input of the delay device

What type of effect do we hear with a short delay of 0 to 1msec, with feedback? Phasing 

Chorusing, can also be described as ____ doubling 

Flanging occurs when the feedback is turned up, and the delay time set below _____30 sec

Density, in the context of Reverb, is equal to what.. The intensity of the reverb

Decay typically means what? The amount of time it takes for the reverberated signal to fall back down

Pre-delay, in the context of Reverb, is __

The amount of silence before the Reverb kicks in

What type of reverb is created within a small metal coil? Spring reverb 

Time Based Effects can add:  Depth and a sense of space

A traditional _________ is achieved by using a series of notch filters that sweep the frequency spectrum. Phaser effect

A __________ is really a series of delays. Reverb

Early reverb was created by sending sound into a(n) ____________ and then recording that signal and returning it on a separate channel in the mix.echo chamber

Which tools would we use to alter the presence and spatial characteristics of the delay or reverb signal within our mix? Volume, panning, and EQ



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