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Mel Williams

Music Fundamentals IIPosted by Mel Williams on 2018-07-15

This past week was mostly about time signatures and intervals. I sort of already had a understanding of time signatures and it was good to get in depth a bit more on the difference between measures, bars, ticks... Read More >>

Mel Williams

Pro ToolsPosted by Mel Williams on 2018-07-01

So for the last lesson, it got into Pro Tools. When I sat down with my mentor it was better to actually see in person some of the things/features described in the lesson... Read More >>

Mel Williams

Intro to LogicPosted by Mel Williams on 2018-06-17

Well, this week I finally got to dive into the DAW. Once you kind of know your way around it seems pretty straightforward, but it's definitely a learning curve involved and I look forward to learning it... Read More >>