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Mel Williams

MelodyPosted by Mel Williams on 2018-09-22

Had the opportunity to meet and listen to two amazing artists. Watching the process is always a great experience and helps me build my own confidence... Read More >>

Mel Williams

SamplingPosted by Mel Williams on 2018-09-20

Pretty straightforward chapter and something my mentor and I have already discussed. Experimented with the EXS24 sampler and chopping up parts of a song... Read More >>

Mel Williams

The BassPosted by Mel Williams on 2018-09-09

This lesson was pretty simple and straightforward and not as complicated as I thought it might be lol. My takeaways were to pretty much keep the bass simple and smooth, and in most cases, longer notes are better than short choppy ones... Read More >>

Mel Williams

ReviewPosted by Mel Williams on 2018-09-02

More focus on drums using samples/loops. It's pretty cool how you can take the smallest thing or just one sound from a sample to use in your own project... Read More >>

Mel Williams

DrumsPosted by Mel Williams on 2018-08-26

This lesson on drums was essential! It really helped lay a foundaton for how to go about creating drums for a track, which I was struggling with... Read More >>