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Josh Thomas

CH 7 BlogPosted by Josh Thomas on 2018-05-07

In general, ______________ mics will produce the least bleed.  Your Answer: dynamic moving coil What is the point of doing a line check?  Your Answer: Making sure all mics are working and showing up in the right place Before recording an instrument it is usually a good idea to_________________... Read More >>

Josh Thomas

ch 5 blogPosted by Josh Thomas on 2018-03-29

Jeff and i went over the chapter together discussing all the different mics and what they were used for. He took several out to show me the disign and how they work internally... Read More >>

Josh Thomas

Ch 3 BlogPosted by Josh Thomas on 2018-03-20

Bit depth refers to the amount of possible amplitude values present in the digital audio signal Sample Rate refers to the amount of "pictures" taken of a waveforms amplitude over 1 second... Read More >>