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Ch 10 Blog Posted on 2018-06-07 by Josh Thomas

  1. _________ are a set of software components that add capabilities to a larger software. 
    Your Answer: Plugins
  2. Time based effects are typically used on ___________. 
    Your Answer: an aux track with a send
  3. AutoTune is made by: 
    Your Answer: Antares
  4. RTAS stands for: 
    Your Answer: Real Time Audio Suite
  5. TDM stands for: 
    Your Answer: Time Division Multiplexing
  6. The VST (Virtual Studio Technology) Plugin Format was developed by ___________. 
    Your Answer: Steinberg
  7. The render button on an Audiosuite plugin: 
    Your Answer: Renders the changes you have made to the audio file itself (and creates a new file in the clip list)
  8. Pro Tools 11 has discontinued support of both ______ and ______ based signal processing. 
    Your Answer: RTAS, TDM
  9. Using an effect processor on a send allows you to: 
    Your Answer: All of the Above
  10. Dynamic and frequency based processors are typically used on _________. 
    Your Answer: an insert
  11. Audiosuite plugins save processing power by: 
    Your Answer: processing digital audio offline
  12. You must have a clip selected to use Audiosuite plugins 
    Your Answer: True
  13. A(n) _________ is a software component used to add capabilities to a larger host software. 
    Your Answer: Plugin

?100% (13/13)

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