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Ch 12 Quiz Posted on 2018-08-09 by Josh Thomas

  1. Automation allows you to: 
    Your Answer: have a parameter or motorized control adjust itself in real-time while the song is playing. 
    Incorrect: Correct Answer is All of the above
  2. Renaming busses in Pro Tools is possible through the ________ tab of the setup menu. 
    Your Answer: I/O
  3. A mix engineer should always apply dither on the master fader. 
    Your Answer: False
  4. A(n) _______ is anything you add to your signal path that changes the sonic characteristics of the audio signal. 
    Your Answer: effect
  5. Mixing is a purely technical task involving no creative skills. 
    Your Answer: False
  6. Two general ways to use EQ are: 
    Your Answer: Additive and Subtractive
  7. Checking your mix in mono: 
    Your Answer: Both A and B
  8. Bouncing takes the output of the master (analog or digital) and records it on one stereo track. 
    Your Answer: True
  9. The master is: 
    Your Answer: the 1st copy of a song or album that all duplications are based off of.
  10. Effects used in a mix can be ____________ during the mastering process, due to the compression chains used. 
    Your Answer: magnified
  11. Getting a rough mix together can be done fairly quickly by adjusting the _________ and the ________ of your song. 
    Your Answer: levels, panning
  12. Compression is ____________. 
    Your Answer: multiplicative
  13. __________ is the Red Book CD Standard for sample rate and bit depth. 
    Your Answer: 44.1 kHz, 16 Bit
  14. How much headroom should you leave for the mastering engineer? 
    Your Answer: 3-6 dB
  15. Getting organized before diving into a mix: 
    Your Answer: Both B and C

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