Situated in the Piedmont region of the Appalachian Mountains, Greensboro, North Carolina forms part of what is known as the "Piedmont Triad" along with neighboring communities Winston-Salem and High Point. This area is rich in arts and culture, including an active music scene that has produced such talent as Millard Powers (Counting Crows), Ben Folds, Daughtry and others. Greensboro area recording studios have done projects for major label artists like Pitbull and Ricky Martin, as well as for other artists under contracts with companies like Sony/BMG and Warner Brothers.

Here on this page you'll find a number of qualified professional audio engineers and/or music producers, all of whom received state-of-the-art training as students of the Recording Connection Audio Institute of Greensboro, NC. Each of these individuals has been personally mentored in Greensboro area recording studios by some of the best producers and engineers in the industry. Consult their professional websites to find out more about their services, or to learn more about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection. If you'd like more information about Recording Connection Audio Institute, click here.

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