Every October, thousands of music fans descend upon Halifax, Nova Scotia for the annual Halifax Pop Explosion, a five-day music festival showcasing hundreds of emerging indie bands. Long considered the cultural centre of the Maritime region, Halifax boasts an indie scene that rivals Seattle in creativity if not notoriety. Halifax has spawned such notable acts as Buck 65, Sloan and Wintersleep, and Nova Scotia has in recent years seen the growth of an up-and-coming hip-hop scene, as well.

Here on this page, you will find featured a number of audio engineers and music producers who have all proven their commitment to excellence as graduates of the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Halifax, NS. Trained in top-shelf recording studios by some of the finest audio professionals in the industry, each of these talented people is highly qualified to handle any professional audio needs you may have. We invite you to visit their individual websites to discover more about their prior projects and the services they offer. If you are interested in studying for a career in the exciting world of recording and audio as a Recording Connection student yourself, you can learn more by <a href="http://www.recordingconnection.ca">clicking here</a>.


Latest Blog Entries from Halifax Recording Connection Students

Giovanni Warren

Lessons 14- 16Posted by Giovanni Warren on 2016-03-04

These lessons were very fun. We mostly spent these days working more with the plugins and vst's that we have. Also we the mentor showed us some of the steps he does when it comes to mixing a whole track... Read More >>