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Wednesday, July 6th - 13th Lesson Posted on 2016-07-06 by Michael Francis

I just had my 13th studio lesson with Joe Hernandez at Innovative Music Studios.  Unfortunately, I somehow managed to forget to write my blog post for my 12th lesson, but lesson 13 is pretty much a continuation of lesson 12 though.  Now that we are in the mixing stage of the program, Joe is teaching me mixing techniques and right now we're working on EQ compression.  So yesterday he showed me a compression technique called Side Chaining.  From what I learned, you're basically using one audio track to control the compression output of a different audio track.  This is useful if 2 tracks have different compression levels and you want to adjust the levels so that they're more evenly matched.  Another technique Joe showed me was how to get more "depth" out of a track by using the compressor.  You basically duplicate the track (Option+Shift+D), and then add extreme compression to the duplicated track.  After you've compressed the duplicated track, you'll be able to play both the original track along side the duplicated track and hear a much more deeper sound.  It definitely works!  Looking forward to more mixing techniques at our next session.  


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