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brodiesandquist-WEEK 1 Posted on 2015-03-02 by Brodie Sandquist

My first day of Recording Conection in Boston was alright, not exactly what I expected, still interesting!  I showed up for a 7:30 class to meet with my mentor, Alejandro Cisneros.  He talked to me about sound displavement, instrumentation, and broke down exercises that showed the masking effect of sound waves.  It was pretty cool to say the least. I learned a few things here and there about Pro Tools.  I also met met two other Recording Connection Students, Braden and Scott, After the hour lesson new people from Berklee came into do a Recording session who were very cool and talented artists. I am looking forward to this weeks session.

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Brodie Sandquist

week 3Posted by Brodie Sandquist on 2015-03-25

Third week in, still slow but learning all of the parts and equipment.  Iv'e shodowed my mentor for a couple hours to check out the different connections between all of the equipment... Read More >>