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First Day Posted on 2015-07-29 by Morgan Ramsey

First Lesson was pretty dope. I knew quite afew answers, but have never had the principal of sound and hearing explained In the way that Mr. Paul has explained it. Guy really knows his stuff and im glad he is my mentor. It's Kinda funny how we are constantly experiencing sound, but never fully focus on what we are hearing. It's tricky, but realy cool once you get used to it. I realized that i really gotta stop listening to loud music. Infact, im saving up for some professional ear plugs so that I can better protect my ears when im doing live sound for shows. Looking forward to my next lesson!

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Morgan Ramsey

chapter 3Posted by Morgan Ramsey on 2015-08-19

Chapter 3 was challenging, but i loved it. I love learning all these cool facts about audio and production. I never realized how technicaly simular music and flim productions actually is! Paul Is realy down to earth and is really good at relaying concepts and ideas that i'd other wise have trouble with... Read More >>