Sodie OrrLos Angeles Recording Connection


Love and light!

I am Sodie Orr, and I began studying with Recording Connection because I am heavily addicted to being in the studio. In 2013, I left the football team at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to pursue a recording contract with Shawn Barron, VP of Urban at Atlantic Records. When I met Shawn, I went by the stage name of Wes James, and only had a home-made, mediocre high school hip hop mixtape. However, my 8 minute performance during a showcase at a small club in Downtown LA is what caught his attention. We met in his office the next week and signed a development deal shortly after. Since then I have been "developing"... Two years later, my team is responsible for putting out some pretty special projects, with some extremely talented artists/ producers... and to say the least, studio availablity has been minimal. I come from a musical family, and have always played guitar/ sang for fun, but it was never a real passion like lyricism. For a year and a half I have been playing cover songs at restaurants, and recently started bartending to make money without really building toward living my passion (being in the studio full time/ making MY music). I want to learn everything there is to learn about engineering; not only to gain self reliance when it comes to recording and mixing MY music, but also for the ability to be a part of so many DIFFERENT projects from all kinds of artists while making money. I've always had "an ear", and I feel I can bring a lot to the table once I know what I'm doing behind the computer/ knobs. EXCITED and THANKFUL are understatements. 

I want to mix, master, produce instrumentals, record, EVERYTHING. I want to be Kanye times 47,000 minus the huge ego. I am hungry for this... LETS COOK UP!!!!!!!