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Like Fine Wine, I Get Better with Time Posted on 2018-10-24 by Desiree Holiday

I used to be very timid about mixing. I was never sure if I was over-processing, under-processing, if I was using too many effects or not enough effects, and found it difficult to answer the simplest question: does it sound good? I’m happy to say I am in a place where I can mix confidently and without hesitation. This was the biggest hindrance to my turn-around time. I would begin to mix and on top of technical difficulties, I was unsure of what to do or where to go next. So I would just stop and come back to it another day, and that day was often almost a week later. The people I would mix for would always say, “Yes, that sounds great!” But I could always tell it was lacking because they never came back. (on top of the fact I did charge, and probably didn’t deliver). This was almost 2-3 years ago. Today, I have no doubt that I can track a mix and great record! This only came with time and practice. I began to realize what the ultimate goal was for each mix regardless of the style or genre of music: Make sure the vocal is out front and that all other elements support the vocal rather than compete with it, every element has its own space and is heard throughout the song, that the mix helps communicate the message of the song sonically, and that it fits the style of that genre of the current musical culture (i.e. the loudness of a rock track verses an R&B track in 2018 verses the loudness of these two genres 1986. Musical trends change almost every decade if not sooner!) In order to get signed in today’s industry, the companies signing producers and songwriters want to hear a nearly complete if not fully completed project before considering a contract. A great mix and master is necessary even for a demo that may be torn to shreds musically even if that demo is selected by the record or publishing company for an artist. It’s not enough to have a couple of guitars chords strummed to an amateurish vocal to sell a song (unless that’s the attempt of that particular song). All that to say I think I can, and I know I must.    



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