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Ben Zolnowski

Lesson 5Posted by Ben Zolnowski on 2017-12-02

Just finished my quiz on lesson 5, a little confused still as to how the Automation and Modulation still works but i just need more time using them, the sends and returns section was very helpful in learning how to use certain effects when and where they should be used... Read More >>

Ben Zolnowski

Sends and Returns Posted by Ben Zolnowski on 2017-11-04

Today we went over Sends and Returns and what they are used for, and why we use them. Its really cool how you can work on each track indivually to the fullest by using the filters/effects you want to use when you want to use them... Read More >>

Ben Zolnowski

1st LessonPosted by Ben Zolnowski on 2017-09-03

Tests and quizzes are not my strong point lol but i have been doing much better hands on in the studio, i was able to complate my first "somewhat of an instrumental track"  Read More >>