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Blog Post 8 Posted on 2016-09-26 by Jon Timbrook

Blog Post 8


Hello friends,


            It brings me great joy to say I am writing you while in the amazing city of Bloomington, Indiana. So many wonderful memories come flooding back as I walk the streets with old friends.



Shout out to James Freeborn for letting me crash on his couch on my way to and from Fort Wayne! I got in Bloomington just in time to see his outdoor acoustic show, and luckily was able to remember to take a 1 Snapchat-video to document its existence (*Video below*).


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Jerome & Dani Williams also! The outdoor, sunset ceremony was GORGEOUS, and the reception was “lit” as the youths say. It was so fun to be apart of the great company that came out to support the two on their journey.


It’s turned out to be a nice little vacation along with some quality time spent with friends and family.


ANYWAY—My last blog set might have seemed like a-whole-lotta randomness, so I want to be clear. I do not think any music is better or worse than another. I just have preferences like anybody, but its pretty cool how you can see the progress of music throughout the years.   


I will be purchasing my first set of microphones and studio equipment this week to get Noisyneighboursproducitons up and recording. Good thing my neighbors don’t mind that I live a rather noisy lifestyle… I think

9 sec clip of James in the middle of sining Billie Jean. Wish I would have rememered to set my go pro up for that show. Somebody loaf me


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