While Omaha, Nebraska is primarily known around the nation as a hub for agriculture, meat packing and business, this midwestern city also hosts a vibrant and highly influential music scene. Home to the Omaha Black Music Hall of Fame, Omaha's African American music scene has been a dominant force in music since the early 20th century. Today, Omaha is also a hotspot for hip-hop, jazz, rock and funk music, and is known in particular for its indie rock scene and the "Omaha sound."

This page features a number of highly qualified audio engineers and/or music producers, all of whom received top-quality training as students of the Recording Connection Audio Institute. Each of these professionals was mentored and trained in real Omaha recording studios under the private tutelage of some of the best industry professionals in the business. If you would like to know more about the professional audio services they offer, feel free to visit their individual websites. If you are interested in possibly attending the Recording Connection and becoming a professional producer or engineer yourself, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Omaha Recording Connection Students

Jacob Notto

Chapter 12Posted by Jacob Notto on 2017-01-25

I've been learning a lot of great mixing techniques from Alfonzo at Icon One Music. I've been applying them to my music and the results are incredible! My mixes sound so much better than a few months ago... Read More >>

Jacob Notto

Mid TermPosted by Jacob Notto on 2017-01-18

I have finally completed my midterm, as well as the sine wave assignment. I have been learning something new every day with this program, and i can't wait to apply the new information in the studio with Alfonzo... Read More >>

Jacob Notto

Chapter 6 Posted by Jacob Notto on 2016-03-08

This chapter about mic placement was very informative. I never thought about all the vareiables that go into finding the perfect sound that you are looking for... Read More >>

Jacob Notto

Chapter 5 Posted by Jacob Notto on 2016-03-08

This chapter was more of a history lesson, which is always good to know. Especially knowing where, and how far the innovations in audio engineering has come... Read More >>