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Thomas Pugh

Chapter 7 TrackingPosted by Thomas Pugh on 2015-09-23

I learned about planning for people to come into the studio and how to have things ready for them. The main thing to worry about is keeping your cool and not freaking out if something goes wrong and how to handle things if they do... Read More >>

Thomas Pugh

Chapter 6 mic placementPosted by Thomas Pugh on 2015-09-23

It was was cool to see the different mic placement styles and how they capture the sound differently. Also which mics you need to use to record different instruments and where the mics needed to be placed when recording them... Read More >>

Thomas Pugh

Chapter 4 ConnectivityPosted by Thomas Pugh on 2015-09-16

This chapter showed me the different types of connectors and what they are used for. I thought it was cool how the patch bays work and how they have plug ins for pretty much anything and the connect all the audio together... Read More >>