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My mix dreams of becoming a music producer and an artist, came to me that I want to pursue of being a Independent Artist. I have been in choir all of my years of being in school, all through elementary, middle school, and high school. I was President of my Bass Choir class of my senior year. In my Sophomore year I took a class called Piano & Songwriting. I’ve been writing songs for 3 years now; I have multiple songs that I wrote by myself and are ready to be produced, and have plenty of single verses that is being critiqued and possibly turn into songs in the near future. In Portland, OR I did a program called Young Audience Live SET Sound Engineering. This program is taking place in Mississippi Studios. This is where high school students learn the arts and science behind live sound. This program empowers students with technology; work with various sound equipment like microphones, mixers, amps, cables, and other equipment the local bands bring. I got the ability to set up the band’s equipment, work on the soundboard to soundcheck bands on stage, and critique the mix during their performances. The teachers of Live SET are freelance Audio/Recording Engineers. Music is part of my life, my dream is to be part of music. I want to give the same feeling that the music gave me, back to the music industry and to the idols that gave me the inspiration to write my music. So I’m doing all the things I can to reach my destiny.

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My First LessonPosted by Frosty on 2017-07-27

Sitting in Black Diamond Recording Studios reading my lesson of the Hip-Hop program; vibing to music. From the first lesson it was more of "brushing off the cob webs" from my knowledge of Hip-Hop... Read More >>