Located along Lakeshore Drive next to Wascana Lake in the plains city of Regina Saskatchewan, the Conexus Arts Centre is hailed as one of the most acoustically perfect venues in all of North America. As such, it is a highly popular venue for classical music and theatrical performances, as well as for touring acts making stops in Regina on tour. A city of nearly 200,000 (and the capital of Saskatchewan), Regina also hosts an active local music scene, with plenty of artists and bands playing in smaller venues and pubs around town.

The people you see featured on this page are all professional audio engineers and music producers who have demonstrated a high commitment to excellence as students of the Recording Connection Audio Institute of Regina, Saskatchewan. Each of them has been personally mentored and trained in Regina recording studios by some of the best producers and engineers in the industry, and each is well-qualified to handle your professional audio needs. Please consult their individual websites to find out more about their client lists and the services they offer.

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Latest Blog Entries from Regina Recording Connection Students

Kristopher Wilson

Week SixPosted by Kristopher Wilson on 2013-09-26

This week was all about more signal flow, and was quite informative in the info I read and also in the studio. Sadly one of the consoles in the studio is down so I didn't get to do as much hands on this week, but I still got to play around on the other identical one and learn where everything is and how it works... Read More >>