While Reno, Nevada is primarily known for its gaming industry, Reno's music scene is a natural extension of the entertainment business here. The town hosts a large number of local acts in a variety of genres, and touring acts regularly make stops here. While live music shows can understandably be heard regularly at Reno's various casino resorts, other popular music venues like The Knitting Factory and The Underground regularly host shows from local and touring artists in genres ranging from folk rock to hip-hop.

This page features a number of professional audio engineers and/or music producers who received a top-shelf audio education at the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Reno, NV. Each of these qualified individuals has learned one-on-one from some of the best industry professionals in the business, learning the ropes inside Reno recording studios. Check out their individual websites to find out more about the benefits of attending Recording Connection, or if you are looking for a high-caliber music producer or recording engineer for your next project. For more information on the Recording Connection Audio Institute, click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Reno Recording Connection Students

Dakota Lynch

That’s a WrapPosted by Dakota Lynch on 2019-03-04

So I have finished the lessons and have a pretty great feel for Ableton. I’m super thankful to have had the opportunity to finish out my classes and learn everything within them... Read More >>

Dakota Lynch

Clean upPosted by Dakota Lynch on 2019-02-26

So I just busted out a bunch of chapters in the following week and had a little bit of some time in between because we had to wait for our internet to be hooked up after our last roommate left... Read More >>

Dakota Lynch

Recording workflow!Posted by Dakota Lynch on 2019-02-18

This one was pretty easy to go through! My mentor had previously gone over a lot of the things in this chapter when she was showing me the overall layout of Ableton! I accidentally pressed the wrong answer and noticed when the test was loading in! It�s okay! I�m really stoked got 3 chapters done this weekend on top of a couple shifts at work too! I�m really proud of myself honestly and can�t wait to get onto the next chapter! Read More >>