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Chapter 17 Posted on 2017-10-18 by Kierston Jones

Im finally feeling like I know what I'm doing! It has been a bit hard coming to grips that I am close to the end of my course. I feel anxious. Ready to show what Ive learned and also ready to learn so much more. There were times I thought I'd never figure this craft out, not that I have in the least bit, but my comfidence is growing for sure. Sean has been a big help in making sure I know what is going on. I do wish to get a little more hands on with the equiptment in the studio, I feel it would be a great learning experience to step away from the book for a day or two but im sure that time will come. I am now just about finished with my mix assignment, just about ready for mastering. There were some very dark times when it came to schooling. Questioning and doubting myself day in and day out if this was going to benefit me and my career, I am very happy I stuck with the recording connection and da Spot recording studio. I feel a sense of reasurrence that I chose the right path. I will contine to work hard to get to where I want to be with music and my career.

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