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Ethan Peck

Melodies & FantasiesPosted by Ethan Peck on 2015-08-07

Wake up every morning Actually the afternoon Try to get to working Curb my fearful attitude Everytime I take a step Reason pulls ambition in Stops his progress in his tracks Reminds him he's an idiot Look at the numbers you lonely fool It's economic suicide Convinced that it can't really happen I live my dreams out in my mind Cause that's as good as this will get Smiling in my living room Pretending to be writing tunes But it takes me nowhere in real life Just puts me in a better mood Only actions are pursuit Pick up my guild Whip out my notepad Chords loop in my temple Humming the verses Paper meeting pencil Writing emotions Now I'm on top of the world Doubts do not exist Logic is only a DAW Not my brain talking sense Telling me I'm talentless Telling me to get a job Telling me enough of this Maybe it's time I give it up Either way, I wrote a song Something real Something you can hear, And feel But is this permanent? Will this feeling last? A couple of days pass And those questions rush right back... Read More >>