While the small town of Salem, New Hampshire isn't particularly known for its connections to the music industry, the one thing it has going for it is its location. Salem is central to much of the musical activity happening in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, being within a half-hour's drive from both Manchester and Nashua, and within a 50-minute drive from the massive music scene of Boston. This makes Salem itself a welcome retreat while staying within range of some of the best music scenes in New England.

On this page, you'll find a number of professional music producers and/or audio engineers who have shown their dedication to the highest standards by getting educated at the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Salem, NH. Each of these highly-qualified individuals has learned the ropes one-on-one from top-shelf producers and engineers in a real Salem recording studio. If you're in need of professional recording and producing services in the Salem area (or if you're curious about attending Recording Connection yourself), you can't go wrong by looking at the websites of these professionals. For more information on the Recording Connection Audio Institute, click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Salem Recording Connection Students

Ramiro Garcia

Pro tools!Posted by Ramiro Garcia on 2015-04-07

So far i have finished lesson 6 and I am becoming very excited to receive pro tools.  I have been working hard with Kevin at Cityview Recording Studio and learning everything I can from him as i watch him work... Read More >>

Ramiro Garcia

Lesson 4Posted by Ramiro Garcia on 2015-03-11

As of Monday March 2nd I had my fourth lesson with Kevin McCarthy at Cityview Recording Studio.  That day we tracked bass for a song we have been workig at and some vocals too!  The bass was fast since he had been practicing a lot but vocals did took quite a while to finish... Read More >>