Latest Blog Entries from Stockton Recording Connection Students

Alexander Delgado

WELCOMEPosted by Alexander Delgado on 2017-09-19

First week in the program down, many more to go. The first chapter in the book was all technical and surprisingly it intrigued me to know the "how" and "why" we respond to sound the way we do... Read More >>

Collin Jacka

Week 2Posted by Collin Jacka on 2017-03-05

  Week 2 in my recording program was a very diverse week in terms of things I came to learn about. When I first came in on Monday morning I found Matt putting down a bass line for another "In Shape" commercial... Read More >>

Cristian LaPertche

First WeekPosted by Cristian LaPertche on 2016-12-05

Finally got the ball moving on this school. Went to the studio for the first time on saturday and watched Matt mix and master some tracks for upcoming albums, and picked up alot of info in just about 3 hours... Read More >>