If you're a serious fan of metal music, chances are you're aware of the music scene of Tampa, Florida. While this town (and the surrounding metro of nearly 3 million people) is home to a wide range of musical genres, Tampa has become an international hub for metal music in recent years. Not only is Tampa home to bands like Underoath and Morbid Angel, but numerous metal bands come to town to record in Tampa recording studios.

The individuals featured here are all professional music producers and/or audio engineers who have demonstrated the highest standards of excellence by attending the Recording Connection Audio Institute of Tampa, FL. Each of them has been personally trained by some of the best audio pros in the industry while working in some of Tampa's finest recording studios. Their individual websites are worth checking out if you need professional audio services, or if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection yourself. Click here to learn more about The Recording Connection Audio Institute.

Checking in with Students in Tampa, FL

Andrew Kirk is a passionate, talented and highly talented audio engineer who came to the Recording Connection with over a decade of prior real-world experience to fill in some of the gaps in his education. He fulfilled his apprenticeship in Boston, Massachusetts, working under producer/engineer Dave Thomas at one of the top recording studios in the industry today.

Kirk's resume is impressive and includes work on major projects, including voiceover work for MTV. He graduated with honors from the Recording Connection program, and maintains a relationship with the studio where he apprenticed. Kirk is currently available for projects or a full-time audio engineering position.

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