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Chapter 7 is complete and I now have pro tools! Posted on 2014-11-03 by Maurice Jones

I received pro tools in the mail this week! I'm super excited and eager to start learn this DAW! I have no clue on where to get started! I disagree with the whole iLok thing but never the less I HAVE PRO TOOLS! I have a million questions for my mentor now and i cant wait to actually put something together professional! Happy learning people!

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Maurice Jones

Soon!Posted by Maurice Jones on 2015-01-13

Pretty soon I will be done with the RRF course. This will be a sad time but I hope that I get the opportunity to continue my learning in a studio! I really enjoy mixing, micing, and editing music! These past two weeks has been fun in the studio... Read More >>

Maurice Jones

Chapter 12Posted by Maurice Jones on 2014-12-18

I'm super excited about this mixing assignment. I'm ready to jump in and apply what I have been learning so far! As for time in the studio that been great too! we been working on mixing different songs and getting familiar with workflow... Read More >>