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Pathways Posted on 2015-04-12 by Steve Salnaitis

Having the ability to think as an adult at the age of eighteen is both a gift and a burden. I have had the great pleausure of making best friends for life, earning money and enjoying the simple life that is the span of my teenage years; However, my time has been filled with moments of disappointment, stress and both mental and physical tiredness. I like to think ahead - maybe too far ahead. For example, I now am a disc jockey for a company called All Around Entertaiment. We perform at mitzvahs, weddings, celebrations of any sort with a variety of entertainment. My daily routine would include setting up my sound equipment in the ballroom, testing the sound, playing and mixing music all night for the customers as well as troubleshoot and fix any technical / mechanical problems that may occur at any time. In order to prepare for the event I am scheduled to work I sit down and think of everything that could go wrong, and how to fix them. I imagine where to place my equipment, how to angle the speakers and and what volume to play the music. I create a playlist of songs before the party so that I do not blank on what to play next during it. I even help strategize when to play certain videos on the television screens or when to change to a different set list, but this all comes with a price. 

Stress is an inevitable misfortune that every individual has the "pleasure" of experiencing multiple times every day. For me, stress plays a major role in my job. If I become too comfortable with what I am doing I may not pay as much attention to something that I should be - I need to be attentive 110% of the time, minimizing mistakes and providing the best service I possibly can. In this business stress is a necessity. 

This is true for all employees in the music industry. Whether you are an artist, producer, engineer or even the team that sets up equipment for concerts, you experience stress every hour you do your job. You may be able to complete any task efficiently and effectively yet you are consistently faced with failure. Do not let failure get the best of you! You are in your field for a reason and you have a talent for what you do. Mistakes happen, failure is inevitable. Do not give up your dream of a hit album just because it's a painstakingly long and rigorous process. Do not stop performing at concerts because you accidentally mixed the wrong songs. Get up, get out and power through your struggles. You are the only you in this universe, why not make a difference with your name on it? "Do or do not. There is no try" (Yoda).

~ Steve

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