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Decisiveness Posted on 2015-04-14 by Steve Salnaitis

Being a teenager I realized that there were many things  that I wanted to do with my life that I simply could not do until I started somewhere. Naturally, I went to college to answer this problem. I was a criminal justice major at Temple University for a semester and a half, performing decently and trying to become accustomed to college life. The largest problem I faced in my short time at Temple was the fact that I would have to spend four years of my life to earn a bachelor's degree and another two for my masters. To me this was unacceptable - I wanted to reach my goals as fast as possible. I wanted hands-on experience that the college simply couldn't provide for a freshman, which led me to think about dropping out of my classes altogether.

Now I do not recommend dropping out to any student unless they were stuck in a predicament such as mine. I had a change of heart about my future and career, so I took advantage of the tools at my disposal and left Temple. By the time I left I had already begun DJ'ing for AAE for about three months and knew that I wanted to make a living for myself in music. Music was always there for me as a kid and it has had such a large influence on my life that I cannot begin to describe what it has done for me. From Led Zeppelin and Def Leppoard to Adam Lavine and Kanye West, the creation of song has long been the one thing that has continued to amaze me and make me feel emotions simply through sound. Guitar solos give me chills, sick beats make me dance and hot songs throw my head into a spin. For these reasons I looked into The Recording Connection, which has now given me the opportunity of learning and working with the author of the school itself - Joey Heier.

Joey is by far the most interesting teacher I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He prefers to be called "Uncle Joey" and always has a smile on his face. His studio is immaculate but has a home-like feel to it, which makes any person who enters feel perfectly comfortable. This is a place I cannot wait to start learning in, and I feel as though I am able to say that I made the right decision about my career path. Although I could have handled the transition from college to apprenticeship much better, I chose to follow a path that will lead me towards what I want by the time I am in my mid twenties. The moral of this story is to be decisive - don't wait for something to happen, you might just miss out on the chance of a lifetime.

~ Steve 

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