What do musicians like Eva Cassidy, Marvin Gaye, Johnny Gill and Duke Ellington all share in common? They all have their roots in Washington, D.C.

While D.C. is obviously best known as the seat of the United States government, drawing tourists from all over to see its landmarks and memorials, this area has also had a profound influence on music over the years. Besides being a national arts center (home to the Kennedy Center, the Washington National Opera and other institutions), Washington D.C. is a historical hotspot for jazz and blues, and more recently, R&B, funk and indie-rock. D.C. is even the birthplace of its own genre called 'go-go,' a funk derivative that emerged in the late 1960's.

The individuals you'll find on this page are all professional music producers and audio engineers who received a world-class education at the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Washington, D.C. Each of them was trained in some of D.C.'s top-shelf recording studios under the personal tutelage of some of the best producers and engineers in the music industry today. We invite you to check out the individual websites of these highly-qualified professionals if you are in need of professional audio services, or if you are curious about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection yourself.

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Latest Blog Entries from Washington Recording Connection Students

Iden Chio

First day of classPosted by Iden Chio on 2018-04-17

Had fun with my mentor Chas, learn a lot of new things from Ableton and a lot of shotkeys and features on Ableton 10. Really enjoyed the way he talked me through the program and the fundementals and I am excited to learn what is in store for me for the next session... Read More >>

Iden Chio

Accepted into Recording Connections Posted by Iden Chio on 2018-04-04

I've been accepted into The Recording Connections and I am very excited to start working with my mentor Chas and learening the best I can learn this year, I am looking to take my skills and my production as high as I can, I will come out of this program succeeding... Read More >>