While many people automatically associate Winston-Salem, NC with the tobacco industry, many music enthusiasts recognize this area as a hotspot for the 'Piedmont Blues,' this region's own particular type of fingerstyle guitar playing. Winston-Salem also forms part of the Piedmont Triangle, a metropolitan area of over 1.5 million people with an active and diverse music scene which has spawned such notable talent as singer/songwriter Ben Folds, country singer George Hamilton IV, and R&B singer Fantasia, among others.

The people you see featured here are all professional audio engineers and music producers who have received a top-shelf education as students of the Recording Connection Audio Institute of Winston-Salem. All of these talented individuals have been trained one-on-one by some of the best producer/engineers in the business inside some of the finest recording studios in Winston-Salem. If you need professional audio services of any kind (or if you're interested in possibly attending the Recording Connection yourself), you can't go wrong by checking out the individual websites of these qualified audio professionals. For more information on The Recording Connection Audio Institute, click here.

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