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9th Blog entry (Chapter 10&11 sessions) Posted on 2015-09-10 by Christopher Red

It has been a while since my last blog entry as I wanted to sum up the past few sessions in one entry. My last 4-5 sessions with my mentor Dick Orr have been very interesting and for lack of a better word Awesome. Combined with the material in chapter 10 I've also been working on my music project, laying down some multiple guitar parts and preparation to lay down some vocal tracks next week. I would say the the past 2 weeks were also dedicated to reviewing the material for the midterm as well as showing my mentor the sinewave project and discussing various situations I may run into with future projects. I was also fortunate to be able to sit in on a voice over session my mentor was working on with a regular client. Being able to hear a professional voice actor was such a cool experience especially how the client directs the talent. The key lesson I learned from that particular session was that patience will be key when working with clients. It was very cool to watch the voice over talent adjust his approach to the changes made to the script at that very moment. It was great to see my mentor at work giving helpful advice and just keeping things running smoothly. It was definitely one of my favorite studio sessions. I've also started learning to play the piano to enhance my own musical ability which will definitely come in handy when working with musicians, in that I will have a better understanding of what they are working towards and if a problem arises I will be able to troubleshoot more effectively. So needless to say these past few sessions with my mentor have been eye opening and very exciting. Im thoroughly enjoying this experience as well as the course material, it's just getting more and more interesting and I'm pumped for the upcoming mix theory chapter.

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