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10th Blog entry (Chapter 12-14) Posted on 2015-12-18 by Christopher Red

For the past month my mentor and I have been covering and working on the material from chapters 12-14(mix theory, equalization and dynamic signal processing). For me this has been the most fun part of the curriculum in that I get to actually work on another persons song. Being able to adjust levels, pan, EQ, and compress the individual tracks of the song on my own and then bring my mix to my mentor has helped me by leaps and bounds with my own music projects. I've had questions in each chapter and my mentor was more than helpful in answering them and also asking questions such as, why I choose to do this or that within my mix. I'm definitely gathering a better understanding of not only what I need to do in terms of EQing and compression etc. but also why and when these tools should be applied. Its also been awesome learing the history of these processors and what my mentor(with his many years of experience as an engineer) had to deal with throughout his career. Having the information given in chapters is one thing, but hearing from someone who has seen and worked with the equipment from the get go is incredible. I'm definitely gaining tons of respect for the engineers from the "analog days" and also gaing more appreciation for the technology we have today.  

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