For anyone outside of Anchorage, Alaska, the name 'Cuddy Family Park' probably has no meaning whatsoever; however, for music lovers in Anchorage, the park is known as the site of an amphitheater that hosts numerous rock, punk and metal music festivals each summer. For being in a relatively remote part of the world, Anchorage actually has a busy and diverse music scene, being the home of Alaska's most prestigious symphony orchestra and the site of the annual Anchorage Folk Festival, which draws thousands of attendees each year.

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Alan Hernandez

The Experiences of Hearing Posted by Alan Hernandez on 2017-05-23

This week there was alot of info that i learned in the first chaper. first is how sound works, it works by moving moleculs around the air and when we speak and when we listen to somthing out of a speaker it moves the moleculs back and forth untill it gets to are ears... Read More >>