Diamond ThorntonAustin Recording Connection

Major: Advanced Audio Engineering

Trap, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Trap EDM, Pop, Trap Soul 


Audio Engineering/Production

$60 per Hour in Twelve Music Group Studios

$100 for 2 Hours in Twelve Music Group Studios

$100 for 5 Hours in Smoke D\'s Studio

Basic Mix (Eq Compress Simple Effects) Included

 Recording at Twelve Music Group you will have the opportunity to have your work submitted to various artist in the industry such as artist from MMG and Epic Records for their use.


$50-65 per song


$75-100 per song Radio Quality

Music Can Be Heard 

iTunes: Smoke D Mahammad Ali




Bachelors Equivalent in Advanced Audio Engineering

Over 10 Years experience with music production and engineering in Logic Pro

Pro Tools Trained

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