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Chapter 18 Posted on 2015-02-07 by Kayla Chappell

I'm not going to lie, I hated this chapter! There was so much vocabulary and terms in this chapter that I might've went brain dead once the descriptions got more technical. However, I do have to say it made me want to know more about building a studio and the science behind acoustic engineering. During my last two class sessions, my mentor taught me how to repair XLRs and patch bays and it was really exciting regarding all the tedious and meticulous testing coming with it. My mentor was trying to add more to his studio and watching him work and know what to do was amazing! I hope one day I can arrange my inputs, outputs, and patch bays like he did. Learning all these things about a studio are really going to behoove me later in the future! :)

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Monday Funday!Posted by Kayla Chappell on 2014-11-27

So my mentor received a new Sputnik microphone in the mail during our class time and we got to have some fun with that beautiful baby! Along with his other beautiful Sputnik, we used them and recorded some piano and guitar tracks in addition to a song one of his clients was working on,  This client, a talented 14-year old girl who has such a unique voice, I honestly think has potential in the world of music if she's really serious in pursuing it! I would love to have a client like her one day if I ever get my own studio... Read More >>