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That is the way I portray my music, my work, and my lifestyle. There is always a story to tell, and there is always something to portray, or paint on. I was raised by the lyrical soul of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Janet Jackson. The number one thing they all share is they are all great storytellers within their craft. In some form or fashion you find their best work centered around a mythical, magical, or mystical place (or journey). It could consist of so many things, or emotions, or a thought you may never have considered, either way, that is where my journey in music is based from. Stay tuned, I\'m currently writing, and getting ready to produce my first draft. I\'m excited, are you?

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MidTermPosted by Jordan Smith on 2017-02-09

I missed one question. ONE! smdh..... -____-""""" I guess that just shows I'm human huh? It was a hefty batch of questions, some where trick questions, but I enjoyed the test/refresher... Read More >>