Joel OyekanmiBaltimore Recording Connection

Major: Audio engineering

I am originally from West Africa Nigeria, I started playing Africa percurssion at the age of 6 yrs old, after about 2 yrs I did my first session in the studio for my church [THE LIGHT OF CHRIST CHURCH] I played the same percurssive equipment since then I have passion and uncorditional love for audio engineering. I started playing bass guitar over 20yrs ago played all genres of music my musical influences include all type of African music, Afro world beat, Jazz, Gospel, RnB, Reggae, Pop and Funk.

I established myself as one of the greatest bassist around when i met Anthony Wellington who teached me some techniques and show me how to get good sound on my bass guitar. Im currently playing in a band called HILO5 in Baltimore area in which specialized on Jazz music.

Also I am the CEO and Head engineer of THAMASPE SOUNDS STUDIO in Baltimore area, I am currently studying Audio engineering in Recording Connection Institute an outstanding institution on one-on-one teaching of thier student i gathered a lot of experience from DREW LAMOND of WRIGHT WAY STUDIO

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Joel Oyekanmi

Lesson 5&6 5/21/13 & 6/10/13 respectively Posted by Joel Oyekanmi on 2013-10-16

For this two days lesson we talked about patch bay my mentor shows me how patch bays can be used to route a signal to several other sources such as the effects processor or compressor he also explained to me that RE 20 microphone is the best microphone to buy for a studio that want to manage just one microphone it's very versatile... Read More >>

Joel Oyekanmi

Lesson 4. 5/20/2013 12p-2pPosted by Joel Oyekanmi on 2013-10-16

For couple of weeks I have to travell to Nigeria my mentor explained that the program is good for my situation all I need to do is to call him when I'm back when I was in Nigeria I visited couple of studio to compare how they record ,mix and mastered when I got back I had the discussion with my mentor it was very interesting ... Read More >>