Quardrelius ChanceBaltimore Recording Connection

Major: Recording Technology

Quardrelius Chance AKA Qua-Drel, is a Christian-inspired Gospel rapper, who is currently expanding his career by obtaining further education in the Recording Technology field.

In the summer of 1997, Qua-Drel discovered his talent and ability to formulate songs using scriptures and life events.  

In 1998, at the age of 14, Qua-Drel collaborated with his local peers to form a rap group, giving themselves the group name of "D-M-Pact".  The group performed at many local youth events in the Virginia, Maryland and  Washington D.C. area.  During this time before CD's and MP3's became a high demand, Qua-Drel and members of the group, began to teach themselves the art of recording using a double cassette player.  The first step, each member had to mimic a sound of an instrument to create a melody, and there was one member who "beatboxed" a drum pattern.  Bringing together all of their sounds, this became the start of creating instrumentals for their songs.  Once the instrumental was made, the second step was to record their vocals over top of the instrumental that they created.  Because this was a recording process that was done with a double cassette player, everything had to be recorded in one take.  The instrumental was recorded in one take, and then next, their lyrics were recorded in one take.

By February 2007, staying true to his passion, Qua-Drel put together his first digital recording station.  Teaching himself the art of recording, he wrote, recorded and editted each song to the best of his ability.

5 years later, February of 2012, Qua-Drel had gotten better with his art.  But wanting to excel to the next level, he paid a local studio for recording time, which allowed him to receive a quality product to present to the cyber-world.

As of today, Qua-Drel has performed at many events and is known for his passion for music in multiple of states....Florida, Texas, California, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland and now DC will get the chance to have a taste.  Qua-Drel still writes, records and mixes his own material.  Over the past 3 years, he has recorded and engineered 3 album length projects and recorded one project in a commerial studio.  As of January 1, 2014, Qua-Drel is preparing to release two more mixtapes, and while attending the Recording Connection School of Recording Technology, he plans to learn the skill of mastering, with the hopes of launching his career as not only an artist, but also as an Audio Engineer.

Qua-Drel's gift is evident and his lyrics are infectious.  Each of his projects are undeniable, well-crafted and delivers the flavor that fans are craving, topped with a message soaked in positivity and faith.  As he continues to pursue his career, his talent is sure to wonderfully impact the Music Industry.